1.     Most health insurance plans
        provide partial reimbursement for
        mental health services.
        However, many of these plans have
        high deductibles, restrictions on the         number of sessions...
        and you are always saddled with a co-pay!

2.     On the other hand, many therapists offer
        a sliding scale for SOME of their
        clients with competitively high hourly         rates for the rest.

3.     At Affordable Mental Health Services,         my fees are simple.

  • $40 for a 30 minute session
            with no insurance

  • $65 for a 50 minute session
            with no insurance

  • $120 for a 50 minute session
            WITH insurance, resulting in
            $24 net cost

  • $100 for two first sessions EXCEPT FOR         THOSE WITH SPECIAL COUPON

  •         Thatís it. Itís simple and most of all                                 AFFORDABLE.

    4.     Home bound and emergency         services are available.
            Call to discuss particulars.

    *Note: All images and quotes
    are used with permission
    of participant(s)

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