Forty years ago, there was little science attached to the
art of talking through one’s problems. Scientists scoffed
at psychotherapy as merely
an intuitive art, at best.

     Today treatment with psychotherapy has become more scientific. Modern psychotherapists base treatment on controlled psychological experiments with volunteer subjects in the laboratory. These experiments demonstrate what works for people in therapy with particular problems.
     For instance, research has demonstrated that depression is most treatable through
a combination of psychotherapy and medication and that it is caused by an organic biochemical reaction in the brain.
This kind of research using brain
scans, MRI’s, chemical analysis and neurological testing helps psychotherapists to provide people with a more effective recovery from organic depression…
an illness that often ruined people’s
lives in the past.

     One client with a major depressive
disorder went through years of therapy in the 60’s, including primal scream, group therapy, individual therapy and all sorts of medications. But he was able to make progress towards his goal of being depression free ONLY when he was assessed comprehensively and finally received the proper medication and psychotherapy.

     The idea is to recover, not escape, from the past. The idea is to move on to a successful future.  

*Note: All images and quotes are used with permission of participant(s)

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